PMMA and penis enlargement

Soooo, I’m going to deviate a little from regular programming here, well a little bit anyway.

Nearly all guys would love a larger penis and it’s a subject I’ve researched extensively. Firstly, disregard all those advertisements you see flashing on your screen promising a 12 inch penis by swallowing a few pills LOL.

But, there are safe, natural and free ways to enlarge your penis. They are:

  • jelqing
  • hanging
  • pumping
  • clamping

All can be read about on the great penis enlargement website, That’s a highly recommended place.

But the problem with the above techniques is that they take HOURS of regular, dedicated commitment to see results. For example, you may need to clamp for 30 mins per day, every year, for 3 years straight, to see an extra inch in girth. Wow, that’s commitment.

There is a way to hack this whole penis enlargement thing though :)

You see, there’s a new dermal filler on the scene that is generating a lot of buzz and positive reviews. It’s called PMMA and I am proud to admit I’ve had the enhancement myself recently with tremendous results. Yes, I’ve had penis enlargement. It was a Christmas present I gave myself recently.

What is PMMA?

PMMA, or Poly(methyl methacrylate) as it’s technically known as, are microspheres found inside injectable gel (or filler) that acts as the vehicle for placement inside the body. These injectables are designed to be encapsulated by your body’s own collagen and remain as a permanent to semi permanent solution for tissue deficient simple cosmetic enhancement, whether it be chin and jaw enhancement, lip enhancement, or penis enhancement.

Although many of these may seem like a dream come true, many are not yet available in the United States. Well, at least legitimately. I traveled to Tijuana, Mexico for my treatment with Dr Casavantes at Avanti Derma.

It is sold under brands such as New Plastic, Metacrill and

What was the procedure?

What were my results?

Well, after

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